Top Mustard Oil Brand In India [2022]

Mustard oil is a very usable oil in India. Mustard Oil is very good for health. This oil is used for cooking vegetables and massaging the body. Mustard oil is good for health and mustard oil also is good for cooking.

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Top And Best Mustard Oil Brand

  • Fortune Mustard Oil
  • Patanjali Mustard Oil
  • Dabur Mustard Oil
  • Engine Mustard Oil
  • Elephant Mustard Oil

What is mustard oil?

Mustard oil derived by pressing mustard seeds. This oil is a very popular oil among Indian people. This oil is used for cooking. Mustard Oil color is brown and this oil smell is sarp. You can make vegetables, and money for more dishes.

Fortune Mustard Oil

Fortune Mustard Oil is the most popular brand. This oil is the most selling oil brand in the online and offline market. This oil is made from cold pressed (kachi ghani) technology. 

This oil in vitamin a, e and oil boost immunity. This mustard oil is cholesterol free.

Patanjali Mustard Oil

Patanjali Mustard Oil is produced by baba Ramdev company Patanjali. This Oil is also the most selling branded mustard oil. Patanjali was founded in January 2006 and its founder is Ramdev, Balkrishna. Patanjali headquarter is Haridwar.

Engine Mustard Oil

Engine Mustard Oil is pure mustard oil. This mustard oil prefered for Indian delicias. This oil keeps pickles fresh for a long time. This mustard oil extract forms the best quality mustard oil.

Elephant Mustard Oil

Elephant Mustard Oil is the oldest brand in the market since 1982.This oil is FSSAI approved. In this oil no added colors  and flavors.

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