Top Calculator Brand In India [2022]

If you want to buy a calculator and you want to know India's best calculator brand then you are right post. Here you read the best and popular calculator brand name. Calculator is used to solve equations. Calculator uses students, shopkeepers and businessmen.

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Popular Calculator Brand In India

  • Casio
  • Oreva
  • Deli
  • Citizen
  • Canon


Casio is a branded company. Casio products are good. Casio made clock , calculator, label printer and tapes, musical instrument and more product. Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. (CIC), operating in India since 1996.


Oreva made light, calculators, clocks, watches, switches and more product. Oreva has more than 50000 women employed.



Citizen Citizen is an electronic company. Citizen made watches, calculators and more items. Citizen headquarters in  Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Japan. This company was founded in 1918. Citizen in more than 20,882 (2018) workers and employees.


Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation.Canon headquarter Ota City, Tokyo, Japan. Canon was founded on 10 August 1937. Canon has more than 1,97,673 (2017) employees. Canon made printers, scanners, cameras, calculators and more items.


CATIGA made calculators, electronic clocks,  stopwatches, buzzers, and printing calculators. CATIGA was established in 1993. CATIGA has more than 600 employees.


BAMBALIO  made scissors, calculators, color paper, photo paper and more items. BAMBALIO (Trendz Paper & Stationers (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd.) was established in 2007 with head office based at Chennai.

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